Principles of epidemiology and biostatistics for Public Health Research

Teachers: Rosaria Gesuita, Edlira Skrami, Andrea Faragalli, Marica Iommi

The course aims to provide:

  • the main study designs for the evaluation of biomedical and health phenomena
  • the methodological aspects of writing a study protocol
  • the methodology for combining scientific evidence obtained from different clinical research

Main topics:

  • Introduction to Epidemiology, Prof. Rosaria Gesuita (2 hours)
  • Observational studies, frequency and association measures, Prof. Rosaria Gesuita (6 hours) & Dr. Marica Iommi (4 hours)
  • Descriptive study design, Analytical approaches, Experimental study designs, Prof. Edlira Skrami (8 hours)
  • Study protocol, Dr. Andrea Faragalli (4 hours)
  • Principles of sample size estimation, Dr. Andrea Faragalli (4 hours)
  • Principles of systematic review and meta-analysis, Dr. Marica Iommi (4 hours)